Microsoft Dynamics NAV System Indicator

By | January 30, 2018

NAV provides with the ability to show the technical information related to currently connected server.  This is displayed on top right corner of the application.  I will be using CRONUS LS 90004 W1 Demo company for this post.

We can customize this a bit and show other related information as well.  Navigate to Company Information page and look under System Indicator fast tab.

CRONUS LS 90004 W1 Demo/Departments/Administration/Application Setup/General

Select one of the option in the drop-down as per your requirement.

System Indicator Style controls how the text will appear i.e. the background color. How the text looks like under different settings are shown below.

  1. Accent 1    
  2. Accent 2    
  3. Accent 3    
  4. Accent 4    
  5. Accent 5    
  6. Accent 6    
  7. Accent 7    
  8. Accent 8    
  9. Accent 9    

Hope this post was helpful to you.

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